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1. Introduction to this Resource

1. Introduction to this ResourceWelcome to the Open Textbook on Digital Literacy in Education, an open resource for educators, teachers and schools. This chapter gives an overview of the structure, resources and materials that constitute the open textbook. There are practical guides to help facilitate accessibility for a wide audience and a visual map of resources that are hyperlinked to content to aid navigation. Suggestions of how to use this resource are offered as starting points for you to explore the themes, issues, literature and content and there is guidance to help you re-use this content within your own practice.

The sections in this Chapter include:

1.1 About this Resource.  The rationale behind the Open Textbook, the guiding principles for its development and use and an overview of the discrete elements that make up this resource.
1.2 How to Use and Re-use this Resource. About the Thinking Space and how to re-use this content or to create your own Open Textbook; scenarios and suggestions on how to make effective use of this resource including copyright guidance.
1.3. Acknowledgements.  About the Project Team and Project Partners.

In each section you will find references and links to additional information.

Please note this resource is under development.
Current Version 1.4 (17th June 2013). 
See 1.1.1 Known Issues

This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales except where stated otherwise

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