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6. The Story of DEFT

6. The Story of DeFTThis chapter provides the background to the Digital Futures in Teacher Education project, outlining the project methodology and the reflexive approach adopted by the project team. The project aimed to create opportunities for project participants to explore their understandings of digital literacies and attitudes towards sharing and releasing teaching resources openly. The chapter also focuses on lessons learnt and outlines the efforts of the team to ensure the sustainability of the project.

The sections in this Chapter  include:

6.1 DeFT Project Methodology.  An overview of a reflexive approach towards examining digital literacy and openness in the context of teacher education. Here the project methodology is outlined alongside an evaluation of its effectiveness. A discussion is made of themes emerging from this and how these reflections contributed to emerging understandings of digital literacy as well as an analysis of digital practices represented within the project.
6.2 Project Dissemination. An overview of dissemination activities which took place in the lifetime of the project, including a synthesis of research outputs and a case study of  the ‘Digital Bloom’ event.
6.3 Insights Gained. A summary of lessons learned and insights gained in the project and ways in which the explanatory framework for digital literacy developed by the DeFT team can be fed forward.
6.4 What Next? An outline of the exit and sustainability strategy, discussing the impact of the project on the key stakeholders (schools, universities and the wider community).  The ways in which the work of the project team will continue in participating institutions past the end of the project is outlined.

In each section you will find references to further reading and links to additional information.

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