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3.5 Relationships and Digital Literacy

3.5 RelationshipsA recent UK study estimates in 2010 that 99.6% of students have unrestricted computer access, 97.8% own a mobile and have daily use of email and text messaging (Jones et al, 2010). These technologies have introduced a new means of creating and maintaining social networks. Michael Gove called this ‘a changing world for pupils’ (2011) where education is being transformed as a result of newer technologies being introduced, particularly through social networking sites. The DeFT project itself, is a good example of how social networking was used to share ideas, give feedback, post and collect information, a means of communication that was replicated throughout the Case Studies via the use of school blogs. The comment from Michael Gove that 23% of 5 – 7 years olds use social networking sites is not unrealistic.

Merchant argues, online social networking can be seen as a newer way of enhancing or modifying pre-existing relations (Merchant 2011) and for young people they offer a particular opportunity of engaging in social relationships which do not subjected them to the same controls and conventions as face to face interaction.

This section looks at the relationships and issues that stem from ‘this changing world’.

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