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3.7 Knowledge and Learning

3.7 KnowledgeWithin today’s education system, there is much debate about what children should know and learn and the challenges this presents for curriculum content and the pedagogical approaches teachers need to adopt. This section considers what we understand by knowledge in relation to learners and digital practices; experience and cultural capital, multiliteracies, the co-construction of knowledge and the blurring of traditional subject boundaries.

3.7.1. Funds of knowledge and Cultural Capital. What experiences and learning do children bring to the classroom?

3.7.2. Production/ Analysis Dynamic. Does the consumption and usage of digital texts have a relationship to the production of material for children and young people?

3.7.3. Co-construction. How digital technologies facilitate co-construction of learning?

3.7.4. Cross curricular approaches. Digital technologies have introduced new way of accessing and presenting knowledge; does this change how schools work to develop knowledge and learning?

For References see 3.7.5 References/Links to Further Resources

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