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5.2 Case Studies of Professional Development

While all of the studies in this resource involve practitioners reflecting on their practice, the five cases in this section take professional development as a primary theme. These include:

5.2.1 Case Study 9.  Exploring Issues in the Uptake of Digital Literacy Tools in a Secondary School. An experienced Modern Languages teacher focused on her own professional practice with e-learning  in her teaching and  issues involved in sharing resources and good practice between peers.

5.2.2 Case Study 10. OERs to Promote Good Practice in Schools. A Key Stage 4 English Co-ordinator in a secondary school invited members of five departments to explore the use of blogging to facilitate communication across the school and to share good practice in the area of digital literacy and open education resources.

5.2.3 Case Study 11. Student Reflections on Digital Literacies and Openness within Professional Practice. A tutor on a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Secondary English, invited her students to reflect on digital-literacy issues within their practice, and engaged them in a discussion on digital literacy and OER issues.

5.2.4 Case Study 12. Supporting digital technologies in initial teacher education for Primary Teachers. A tutor and trainee teachers on a PGCE Primary course reviewed the role of digital technologies in education and reflected critically on resources.

5.2.5 Case Study 13. ‘Teaching Sheffield’: Exploring Professional Development through Digital Video. Two tutors and trainee secondary English teachers involved with the ‘Teaching Sheffield’ project in collaboration with a City Learning Centre (CLC) developed their digital-literacy skills to produce digital videos about different themes around Sheffield.

 Each case study examines the context for digital literacy and reflects on teaching, learning and the development of digital literacy practice.

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