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4.3 Digital Literacy in Higher Education

43 Teachers using ICTJISC, (Joint Information Systems Committee) has evolved since 2002 to take the lead role in supporting UK educational organisations at a local, national and international level while at the same time seeing digital literacy as a ‘responsibility of the whole education and wider society as a means to economic success and social inclusion’, (JISC 2011).

As an organisation, JISC provides ‘resources, knowledge and expertise to support colleges and universities’ and therefore has, as its priority, the capabilities that are required and/or developed in those contexts: ICT/computer literacy; information literacy; media literacy; digital scholarship: academic, professional and research practices; independent study; and, personal and professional development planning (JISC 2011)

4.3.1:   UK Professional Standards Framework   The dimensions of Practice (Areas of Activity, Core Knowledge, and Professional Values) are discussed in relation to digital literacy
4.3.2:   OERs for Learning and Teaching in HE  This section concentrates particularly on the ways in which open educational resources (OERs) have the potential to support teachers in higher education

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