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6.4 What Next?

6.4 Teachers meetingThe project will have a lasting effect on the participants, the communities they serve, and the professionals who have access to the resources.  The evaluation report recognised this:

 … [one of the aims of the project]  …was to raise the status and quality of teaching and the level of digital literacies and the use of OERS in the teaching workforce.  This is certainly evident in respect of all project participants and is likely to continue to ripple out in the future, owing to a number of factors including impact in the schools concerned, impact in relevant PGCE courses, through attendance at the final conference, impact of the OER and finally likely effect from research papers and presentations….

… There is every indication to suggest that the project has the potential to deliver substantial impact into the future.  The layers of dialogue and collaboration including in the close integration of research with practice should act as a virtual guarantee of persistent usefulness, even in the face of the continuing change characteristic of all aspects of digital literacy in education now and surely into the future.  (Project Evaluator)

  • 6.4.1 Work in Schools. This examines the impact of the case studies on practice in the schools and the region.
  • 6.4.2 Work at the Universities. The effects of the project and it contribution to the Leading Transformational Change project, involving both Sheffield Universities.
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