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1.2.1 Scenarios for Use

This section outlines several proposed scenarios for the use of this resource. These include

  • Browse
  • Key Themes
  • Key Questions
  • Professional Development

The user has the option of using Thinking Space for each of these modes of use to select and export content into a personalised open textbook.


The Open Textbook content is structured in 6 Chapters, each with their own sections, topics and sub-topics (paragraphs). These are numbered to help the browsing reader to locate content and to aid navigation. See also 1.2.2 Mapping of Parts

Key Themes

The content of the Open Textbook is ‘tagged’ under key themes. These themes are listed and described and can be explored in a tag cloud.

Key Questions

The Open Textbook content has been organised under the headings of Key Questions that guide the reader. This can be used to find material more quickly or to tailor the content to the reader’s needs.

Professional Development

The content of the Open Textbook has been organised as a scenario for professional development. This iteration of the material is as a primer on digital literacy as Digital Literacy for Teachers.

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