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6.2.1 Project Outcomes and outputs

This section lists all key project outputs:

Key Project Outputs
Open  textbook Open  textbook digitalfutures.realsmartcloud.com
The open textbook pulls together resources produced in the context of the project in the form of an interactive website where users will be able to engage with OERs released in the context of the project.
Case studies of digital practice Case studies www.deft-project.org
The team worked collaboratively with teachers and PGCE tutors to produce 13 case studies (10 school-based and 3 PGCE-based) focusing on challenges of practice with digital literacies and issues related to OERs and open practices within the school sector. The case studies are available from the open textbook and have also been deposited into JorumOpen (tagged with “deftoer3″).
Digital Bloom installation Digital Bloom installation http://deftoer3.wordpress.com/category/digital-bloom-2/
The “Digital Bloom” installation celebrating the work of the pupils from schools participating in the DeFT project took place in Sheffield Winter Gardens between 9-13 July as part of Sheffield Children’s Festival and attracted over 400 visitors. The mini report on Digital Bloom strand of the project is available from the case studies website www.deft-project.org
Digital Bloom online Digital Bloom onlinewww.digitalbloom.org
Digital Bloom online is an interactive website where school teachers, youth groups and members of general public can submit their stories which explore understandings of digital literacy. Users can also explore stories submitted by others and create their own collections. Please note that at the moment the online space has been designed with Google Chrome in mind.
Digital Bloom It’s the Learning Futures project “meadow” http://www.digitalbloom.org/index.html?meadow=ilfdays
This meadow contains stories developed in the context of “It’s the Learning Future Project” which arose from collaboration between Sheffield Hallam and The University of Sheffield in 2010 It involved the children from Campsmount High School Doncaster, Winterhill School Rotherham and Beck Primary and Callow Primary schools Sheffield Children were set a number of digital challenges and explored the notion of being a digital leader.
Project wiki DeFT project wiki http://bit.ly/DeFT-wiki
During the lifetime of the project, the wiki was a closed, password protected working space for the project team to share ideas, offer their responses to the reflexive tasks and share early versions of the resources being developed. The wiki was opened up at the end of October and now functions as a resource reflecting the process of developing the DeFT open textbook and accompanying resources.
 Project blog  DeFT project blog http://deftoer3.wordpress.com/
The project team used the blog as a space to inform the wider OER community of work-in-progress and to aid dissemination.
Twitter account  Project Twitter account (@deftoer3) https://twitter.com/#!DeFTOER3project
The project team has used the Twitter account to interact with the wider OER community and to publicise information about resources produced in the context of the project. Altogether, the project shared 169 Tweets and had 94 followers.
Slideshare account Project Slideshare accountwww.slideshare.net/deftoer3
Project team used the Slideshare account to upload all project-related documents, including promotional leaflets, materials produced in the context of case studies as well as conference presentations.
Second Life Second Life http//bit.ly/DeFT-SL
The project has a presence on Second Life, maintained by the University of Sheffield project members.
Regional conference Project dissemination event
The key project dissemination event took place on 2 October 2012, Sheffield United Football Ground Stadium and attracted over 80 participants from the Yorkshire and Humber education sector. The conference was a chance for the teachers and tutors to showcase their involvement with the project.
Film The DeFT project movie https://vimeo.com/43191700
Animated film about the project produced in collaboration with children from Mundella Primary School.

Conference Presentations and Published Papers

Conference presentations and workshops delivered by team members
Presentation Digital Futures in Teacher Education: Open Educational Resources
Presentation delivered at the faculty Forum event at Sheffield Hallam University, 11 January 2012
Presentation Presentation at Regional Education Expertise Forum
Presentation delivered at the Regional Education Expertise Forum, 29 February 2012, Sheffield
Presentation DeFT workshop
Workshop delivered during Erasmus visit to Limburg Catholic University College in Hasselt, Belgium; 21 March 2012
Presentation Exploring the opportunities and challenges of creative uses of digital literacy in schools
Presentation delivered at the OER 2012 conference, 17 April 2012, Cambridge University
Presentation Exploring Open Educational Resources and digital literacy in the context of professional education
Presentation delivered at the annual MSc TELIC conference, 8 June 2012, Rotterdam University
Presentation Digital literacy frameworks in the context of embedding Open Educational Resources within teacher education
Presentation delivered at the Higher Education Research Group Conference, 22 June 2012 at Sheffield Hallam University
Workshop Digital Futures in Teacher Education workshop
Delivered as part of the HEA-funded workshop “Promoting Digital Literacy through OER: the release, use and reuse of open educational resources”, 5 July 2012, Oxford University
Presentation Digital Futures in Teacher Education- the DeFT Project http://www.slideshare.net/DEFToer3/def-tukla
Presentation delivered at United Kingdom Literacy Association Conference, 6-8 July 2012, University of Leicester.
Presentation Filling in the Blanks: signature pedagogies and their impact on understanding and sharing practice in the form of OERs in the Social Science Curriculum
Presentation delivered at HEA/SEDA conference on 20 July 2012, Aston University, Birmingham
Conference paper and Published Papers “Digital Futures in Teacher Education” Project: Exploring Open Approaches towards Digital Literacy
Paper delivered at the 11th European Conference on E-learning (ECEL), 26-27 October, Groningen, The Netherlands

Gruszczynska, A., Merchant, G. and Pountney, R. (2013) Digital Futures in Teacher Education: Exploring Open Approaches towards Digital Literacy, The Electronic Journal of e-Learning Volume 11(3) : 193-206

Gruszczynska, A. and Pountney, R. (2013) Open Practice in International Teacher Education Case Study, Higher Education Academy report

Gruszczynska, A. and Pountney, R. (2013) Developing the concept of Digital Literacy in the context of Schools and Teacher Education, Enhancing Learning in the Social Sciences Journal, Volume 5, Issue 1

DeFT Conference 2 November 2012

Materials from the 2nd October dissemination event
Conference booklet http://www.slideshare.net/DEFToer3/conference-booklet27-sep2012 – outline of conference programme, information about the case studies etc.
Presentation OERs to promote good practice in school
Michael Payton-Greene
Presentation Using handheld devices to develop literacy skills
Rob Hobson
Presentation Digital Participation, apprenticeship and learning – overview of project themes
Cathy Burnett, Julia Davies
Presentation Reflections on digital literacies and openness in professional practice
Sarah Butler
Presentation Magna QR project
Jim Hildyard
Presentation Teaching Sheffield – dissemination
Mick Connell
Presentation Digital reporters at Camp Cardboard
Chris Bailey
Presentation Developing digital literacies in Early Years
Zubida Khatoon
Presentation Bigger Bloom
Kate Cosgrove
Presentation 21st Century Show and tell: Making instructional videos
Chris Welch
Conference video Conference video
Short recording of the event produced by Jack Todhunter, focusing on interactions between conference participants and technologies used on the day.

Other Outputs

Summary of focus group findings Findings of PGCE student focus group
Summary of findings from PGCE student focus group undertaken at Sheffield Hallam University and University of Sheffield in January 2012
Presentation Involvement of DeFT project team with the UK Open Educational Resources JISC/HEA -funded programme
Overview of background to the DeFT project and previous involvement of the DeFT team with the UKOER programme
Leaflet Project leaflet
Information about the project and contact details.
Contribution to other JISC UKOER3 projects
Resources Contribution to “Digital Literacy and Creativity” project (University of Bedfordshire)
Development of a set of resources for the project; consultation on the design of the mod.
Peer evaluation Peer evaluation undertaken with the ORBIT project
Active involvement with “evaluation buddy” (for more information, see evaluation section in the main body of the report).
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